1M41,AUS=235 Handle rose
screws visable
Door fittings
The IKON construction and internal door fittings range
covers a broad spectrum of applications and utilisation
options. The range encompasses fittings, backplates,
roses, escutcheons, handles and knobs for doors and
windows. IKON also provides a large selection of
premium-quality fittings for metal and UPVC frame
doors. For example, the shortened 290/30 metal handle
with retraction spring on an rose with concealed screws.
The 474 handle on a rose is distinguished by its
shortened U-shape, which provides the hand with
particularly good hold.
Area of Application
IKON aluminium escutcheons can be used for a variety of
applications. Round, oval and squared escutcheons are
utilised, either as dummy versions prepared for profile
cylinders or handle roses accepting the door handle.
ASSA ABLOY, the global leader
in door opening solutions

1M41,AUS=235 Handle rose
screws visable
Product description
Suitable for all conventional handles and knobs
Rose diameter 50mm
Distance between fixing holes 38mm
With 2 fixing holes
Screw hole diameter 5mm
Rose thickness 7mm
Standard finish nickel silver (FB=F2)
Alternative colours: silver (FB=F1) gold (FB=F3),
Meta Colour 1003 coated (FB=MC), white RAL
9016 coated (FB=WS)
Material: aluminium
Accessories/Individual parts
Nylon handle guide ring ZH24 1M65
Compatible ASSA ABLOY products
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Door handle (female part) 435 1M12,AUS=LOCHTEIL
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Scope of delivery
1 Pair of handle roses with handle guide ring
without fixing material
ASSA ABLOY, the global leader
in door opening solutions

1M41,AUS=235 Handle rose
screws visable
1M41 44352
1M41 44351
ASSA ABLOY, the global leader
in door opening solutions
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