ANYKEY sets the new standard for access control fittings
•Intrusion protection
•Emergency exit
•Fire protection
Access Control
Security Lock Fittings
Access Code
Contactless Reader
Stand-alone System
The multi-talent!

Intrusion – no way.
Intrusion or unauthorized access resulting in the theft of
valuables or industrial espionage represents a serious cost
factor.Even if an insurance company pays out,the damage
caused by loss of working hours or the feeling of insecurity
can rarely be erased.
ANYKEY meets your requirements in terms of access via
external or internal doors.It is tamper proof and has a robust
stainless steel external cover plate.It can be equipped with a
self-locking lock and the version with the European profile
cylinder is also available optional core extraction protection.
Prevention is and remains the best investment.
ANYKEY supports rescue routes
The protection of humans has priority without exception.
Nevertheless,the demand for maximum security is also valid
and sometimes both requirements result in conflict.This is
however not the case if ANYKEY is used.ANYKEY is factory-
fitted with an integrated panic function that ensures that the
door can be easily opened from the inside at all times without
invalidating the intrusion and fire protection functions.
ANYKEY complies with DIN 18273 and is thus suitable for use
in fire protection and smoke protection doors.In concrete
terms this means:The fitting withstands heat of 1000°C
without its function being affected.This makes ANYKEY the
ideal solution for any application where maximum intrusion
protection is required in addition to protection from fire and
One key for all doors.
ANYKEY is currently the only fitting on the market that fulfils
the three major security standards:
Intrusion protection
Complies with DIN EN 1906,Protection Class 2 and
DIN 18257 for use with core extraction protector
Emergency exit
Suitable for doors in compliance with DIN EN 179
Fire protection
Complies with DIN 18273
This high degree of certified security renders ANYKEY the ideal
fitting for virtually all applications and doors.ANYKEY is your
master key to enhanced protection and security!

Chemical laboratory,Leverkusen
The biochemist,Dr.Hugo Albert is head of an engineering department in a pharmaceutical company.
For the so-called “Witches’Kitchen”– as he and his colleagues refer to the room in which not only
flammable but also particularly valuable chemicals and agents are stored – an extensive and intelligent
security solution was required.This solution should provide not only security and protection against
unauthorized access and adequate protection in the event of fire and development of smoke but also
an integrated panic function.The laboratory research team decided unanimously on ANYKEY.Dr.Albert
refers to ANYKEY as “a multi-functional active agent for combating security diseases”– a fitting
comparison for a unique fitting!

Architectural Office,Berlin
Florian Bode heads a team of 30 architects.He has no time for superfluous or useless solutions.As far
as he is concerned,the shape and function of every single detail must prove its worth.In other
words,a symbiosis of the required degree of security and a high degree of comfort is vital.He thus
decided on ANYKEY with a contactless reader as the form of access control to his office.
The slim,elegant fitting opens automatically when the ID card with the chip is held close to the
reader.Its solid stainless steel decorative cover act as added intrusion protection and the integrated
panic function provides maximum security.Bode also recommends ANYKEY to his customers for
aesthetic as well as rational reasons.

The end of ever increasing losses.
The advantage of transponders versus traditional keys is
evident.Should an ID card be lost it is simply deleted from
the program.If on the other hand a key is lost the locking
cylinder has to be exchanged for a great deal of money.
Three slender beauties.
ANYKEY offers different access control options for all types
of doors and applications.Choose between three different
standard versions depending on your required use and special
Access code
•Contactless reader
All three access control versions have a few things in common:
Each one features outstanding design,ergonomics,functionality
and adaptability.
Tangible dream dimensions.
ANYKEY is manufactured from high-quality stainless steel.Due
to the slim design (a mere 35 mm wide) the shapely,easy-to-
care fitting can be used with all common wooden and metal
doors.The ergonomics of ANYKEY are also convincing:The
cross-section of the handle was modelled on the super ellipse
shape by the Swedish designers Piet Hein and Jorgen Horup
Henriksen.Security has never looked so good!
Convenient contact.
The contactless reader version operates by means of a trans-
ponder chip that is integrated in a card or clip and which
releases the door when held in front of the reader integrated
in the fitting.This ANYKEY version is recommended for highly
frequented buildings,where a high degree of comfort is desired
or where cards for other systems are already in use.With
ANYKEY security is always trump.

Asafe bet.
Incompanies,keys tend to get lost frequently.This is not only
costly but also dangerous,as either the relevant locking
cylinder has to be exchanged or a security risk is omnipresent.
The access code version of ANYKEY is the answer due to the
3-8 digit code that can be altered whenever you want.If you
play Lotto the chances of choosing the six winning numbers is
almost 14 million to one.With ANYKEY however,the chance of
choosing the right 8-digit combination is considerably lower at
100 million to one.
Added security
Those who want to play it safe and prevent prying can “hide”
their code by entering it after a long row of numbers.If the
code is entered after eight randomly chosen numbers,the
system recognises the code despite the previously entered
numbers.This added security is an outstanding feature and
one that is highly rated especially by those of us who make
mistakes nowand again when entering the code.
Coded data transmission
The control electronics and the clutch of ANYKEY are integrated
inthe fitting,inaccessible from the outside.Data transmission
iscoded.Manipulation from the outside is impossible as the
decision-making electronics are concealed in the secure area.
ANYKEY is adaptable.You can choose between a variety of
handles and a thumbturn.With backsets between 35 to
100 mm and a width of only 35 mm,ANYKEY can be installed
not only in metal doors but also in wooden doors.A robust
stainless steel housing that offers additional protection and
conceals traces of previously installed fittings is optional.
The clever handle
As a protection against vandalism and lively children,all
versions of ANYKEY are equipped with a protection against
overturning that prevents the handle or thumbturn from
breaking off if force is applied.In the event of an unauthorized
attempt at access,the external handle reacts by “free-

Marianne Kohl has a small yet exclusive guesthouse.Excellent service,meeting the requirements of each
individual guest and above all their security as well as protecting her own property and that of others is
of vital importance to her.She decided on the ANYKEY access code version as the fitting combines both
comfortand security.She can inform guests of the access code bytelephone prior to their arrival if they
expect to arrive late.ANYKEY then plays the role of night porter while Mrs Kohl enjoys her well earned
night’s rest.ANYKEY is also equipped with a self-locking function,protection against overturning to
prevent vandalism,integrated protection against intrusion and fire as well as a panic function.Mrs Kohl
simply changes the access code daily – after breakfast.

Private house,Erfurt
Charlotte,the 11 year old daughter of the Guldenbroich family became a latchkeykid when her
mother returned to work.Perhaps that’s the very reason why she has a problem with keys.She
regularly misplaces or looses them or leaves them at school,in the bus or at friends’houses.One day,
when theywere both locked out for hours and had to paydearly for the locksmith’s service,Paul
Guldenbroich decided on installing effeff’s ANYKEY.In future,Charlotte’s memory will only be required
to remember a door code and so far she may have lost keys but never her head!

Ideal for refurbishments.
ANYKEY can be employed in new buildings and together with
anadditional decorative cover in converted and renovated
buildings.The decorative cover not only conceals traces of
previously installed fittings,it also provides additional
Alternative opening possibilities.
ANYKEY can also be equipped (optional) with a locking
cylinder with or without a core extraction protector
(Protection Class 2 only for version with core extraction
protector) or with an emergency power contact.This enables
the fitting to be supplied with sufficient power via a
conventional 9V battery so that it can continue to function in
the event of a power failure.The fitting then has alternative
opening possibilities and can be integrated in an existing
locking system or used with a master or fire brigade key.
Ideal for self-locking security locks.
ANYKEY is highly suitable for combining with self-locking
security locks,e.g.effeff locks type 309x or 409x.These
locks automatically lock a door as soon as it is closed.In the
event of intrusion despite the high degree of security ANYKEY
thus eliminates potential disputes with insurance companies
requiring appropriate evidence of locking
European profile cylinder with core extraction protector
European profile cylinder
Emergency power contact

Integrated bolt monitoring.
Anvisual display signalizes the locking status both on the
inside and outside of the door.This has the advantage that the
locked status of the door can be confirmed at a glance and
possible tampering prior to a burglary can be stopped in its
Sleep mode and battery status.
The biometric version and the contactless reader are equipped
with a wake-up function that is only activated by the
electronics if a person approaches.Otherwise,ANYKEY minimizes
its energy consumption in the so-called sleep mode.ANYKEY
also signalizes when the 4 Mignon batteries (AA) require
Simple,clean and easy to install.
Amajor advantage of ANYKEY is its uncomplicated,clean and
quick installation.Traces of previous fittings can be easily
covered using the stainless steel decorative cover (optional) and
there is no need for additional wiring.This makes ANYKEY the
ideal fitting for converted and refurbished buildings.
The personal side of security.
This form of access control using biological characteristics
represents state-of-the-art security technology.Its advantage:
Fingers cannot be forgotten nor can the papillary lines be
forged.The biometric reader can identify several fingerprints of
every authorized person.This is the meaning of security at
your fingertips.The biometric version is ideal for users who
have difficulty in remembering codes and who do not wish to
carry a data carrier with them.

Sometimes even small libraries hold priceless valuables.Clara Dannertpresides over such a library.The
libraryis in possession of a number of valuable,mediaeval manuscripts.Their critical state,value and the
insurance requirements render secure safekeeping imperative.For this reason,Mrs Dannert places her
trust in experts and new technologies not only for the restoration of her treasures but also for their
protection.The windowless room in which the valuable manuscripts are stored,is only accessible to two
other members of staff.Mrs Dannert decided on the biometric version of ANYKEY,not only because it can
be installed quietly,cleanly and quickly but also because she trusts security that bears our hallmark.

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Access Control
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Access Code
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They protect both people and valuables.
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