apartment building
from effeff and IKON
The perfect lock solution
for the main door in an
apartment building
from effeff and IKON
The perfect lock solution
for the main door in an
An ASSA ABLOY Group brand
Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
Bildstockstrasse 20
72458 Albstadt
Tel. +49 7431 123-0
Fax +49 7431 123-240
established in 1936 as a
precision engineering and electrical
engineering workshop, has developed
through the implementation of a con-
sistent product policy to become the
global market leader in the field of
electromechanical locking device tech-
nology. Electric strikes, electrical bolts,
safety locks, access control systems,
electro holding magnets, escape route
systems, revolving door drives, arrester
systems for fire barriers and control
elements are among the effeff products
exported today from Albstadt on the
Swabian Alb, Germany, to over 75 coun-
tries around the globe.
established in 1926 as ZEISS
IKON AG, is one of the leading manu-
facturers of locking cylinders, locking
systems and additional security elements
in Germany. Our products and solutions
are manufactured to state-of-the-art
technological standards and also include
(for some time now) mechatronic lock-
ing cylinders, access control systems,
escape door technology, door fittings
and strikes, along with numerous aux-
iliary locks and securing devices. They
protect both people and valuables.
ASSA ABLOY Sicherheits-
technik GmbH.
The IKON and effeff brands have been
developed, produced and marketed in
a joint company since 2005, with both
ranges perfectly complementing each
other. This enables us to offer our
customers comprehensive and complex
system solutions for private, commercial
and public service applications.
is the world’s leading
manufacturer and supplier of locking
system solutions and security systems,
meeting the high demands of customers
for security, protection and user-friend-
liness. With around 30,000 employees,
the group generates an annual turnover
of approximately 3 thousand million
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Mediator_Satz_Engl.indd 1-2
05.01.2007 15:43:47 Uhr
05.01.2007 15:43:47 Uhr

A major problem in apartment buildings:
should the door be locked at night or not?
The main door in apartment buildings – an object that continually causes problems. For the
property management on one hand, and residents on the other. Some people lock every time,
others never. Others couldn’t care less. This leads to a bad atmosphere in the building.
But be careful: We are not concerned with sensitivities here!
We are more concerned about the security of residents, the
apartments and, consequently, who is responsible here. And
of no less importance: the topic of main doors also addresses
living quality. Should I lock the main door or not? What are
the arguments involved? Anybody who answers with “Yes”
here wants security. Security against intruders, against un-
welcome guests. And, let’s not forget: whoever locks properly
also enjoys complete insurance cover. But security also means
always being able to leave the house safe and secure. And
not only when danger threatens. Whoever ? nds this more
important should answer with “No”. Because if the main door
is locked – really locked, nobody can leave without a key.
Fatal in the event of danger, inconvenient for daily life.
What’s the solution in this case?
“Problem solved!”
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05.01.2007 15:43:49 Uhr
05.01.2007 15:43:49 Uhr

The main door can be fitted or converted quickly, uncompli-
catedly and extremely inexpensive. With MEDIATOR, ASSA ABLOY
Sicherheitstechnik GmbH launches a product on the security
technology market that solves many different problems. Problems
that were considered unsolvable until know. MEDIATOR meets
every security requirement and offers maximum user-friendliness
at the same time.
Best intrusion protection.
The main door is locked day and night. This protects the building
against intruders and other unwelcome guests. The door can
be held open with a key switch if needed (e.g. if somebody is
moving in or out). However, continuous unlocking of this nature
can only be realised by an authorised person (e.g. the janitor
or property management). This means that nobody need com-
plain about other residents again who don’t care about security.
Safe escape route.
The building can be evacuated through the main door at any
time, even if the door is permanently locked. When there is a
risk or during “normal operation” – even without a key. This
means that the problem of escape route security is solved for
ever for every property management. Nobody need worry about
potential liability if somebody gets hurt.
High convenience.
If visitors come late in the evening or early in the morning,
the locked main door can be opened comfortably from the
apartment. It locks automatically if it closes again. This
function is also important if, for example, sick or invalided
residents are waiting for a doctor or ambulance. Continuous
opening of the main door at ? xed times is necessary in certain
cases (e.g. if a doctor has a surgery in the house). The
electric strike can be controlled via a time switch in this
case. The main door is then locked outside of surgery hours.
A complete solution: maximum intrusion protection,
a safe escape route and a high degree of convenience.
MEDIATOR is the unique and perfect solution for the main door lock in an apartment building:
a self-locking escape door lock with an electric strike. A solution that de? nitely meets all
requirements relating to security and user-friendliness. And ensures that peace returns to the
building. Among the residents. And for the property management.
“And they all lived
happily ever after!”
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Mediator_Satz_Engl.indd 5-6
05.01.2007 15:43:58 Uhr
05.01.2007 15:43:58 Uhr

Up to 50 percent cheaper.
Similar solutions to MEDIATOR have until now only been possible
with motor locks. This means: complicated door wiring and high
costs. MEDIATOR enables ? tting or conversion of the main doors
in an apartment building with minimum effort and low costs.
For best intrusion protection, a safe escape route and a high
degree of convenience.
A door closer with Cam-Motion technology provides optimum
function security and a high degree of user-friendliness (e.g.
IKON T250 with sliding rails).
For tubular frame and full leaf doors.
The MEDIATOR solution only consists of three individual compo nents:
escape door lock, linear strike and power supply unit. Both tubular
frame and full leaf doors can be simply retro? tted. Door wiring
is unnecessary. A little tip: switch to MEDIATOR immediately if a
defective lock or strike needs to be changed!
That’s what makes the main door secure and user-friendly:
strike, lock, power supply unit*.
“So much for
so little effort!”
Striking plate
Linear lever
Linear strike
Control latch
Bolt unlocking
Lock bolt,
Unlocking via key
Continuous follower
FAFIX adjusting function
Lock case
Double action latch
with locking function
It doesn’t get any simplyer: equipping and
retro? tting with less effort and lower costs.
Technical data
Operation voltage: 5–48 V AC or DC
The existing door strike cable
can be used when converting.
Rated operating voltage: 12 V DC
* Not illustrated.
Technical data
Bolt length
Tubular frame version
30, 35, 40, 45 mm/distance 92 mm
Full leaf version
65 mm/distance 72 mm
9 mm with reduction to 8 mm
12 V DC 230 V AC
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Mediator_Satz_Engl.indd 7-8
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05.01.2007 15:44:45 Uhr