ACS-2 plus System
Access control system
The ACS-2 plus is an access control central control unit
for up to two doors.Conventional wiring can be used to
connect two separate doors or a single door with an
entry and exit reader.
All the firmware can be upgraded.No time-consuming
replacement of EPROMs is necessary for upgrading the
functions.New program routines or extensions can be
loaded on the control units using “MultiAccess Lite”or
“IQ MultiAccess”access control software.Firmware
updates will be made available for download free of
charge via the Internet.
In online mode, up to 16 ACS-2 units can be operated via
an interface converter and up to 32 via a bus controller.
Access control rights are set up and managed using
“MultiAccess Lite”V1 or later or “IQ MultiAccess”version
V1.xx or later.
The central control unit supports the corresponding opti-
ons of the relevant access control software in each case.
the ACS-2 plus holds all decision rights for door release
and control (even in offline mode).
By using multiple bus controllers or an Ethernet network
up to 999 doors can be managed per location with IQ
MultiAccess.The maximum number ofdoorsthat can be
managed with MultiAccess Lite is 32.
Addition of an Ethernet card (026840.29) allows the
controllers to be integrated directly in existing Ethernet
The standard package for ACS-2 plus systems does not
include an interface.The appropriate interface card
should be selected according to the intended use.
• Intelligent access control unit for two doors
• Upgradable program memory
• Dynamic memory allocation
• Battery-backed memory
(0.5 MB,expandable to 3.5 MB)
• Up to approx.65,500 IDs*
• 512 area and time zones
• Event buffer for up to 65,000 events*
• Holiday and vacation calendar
• Clock with automatic switching between standard
and daylight savings time
*Actual values depend on the memory expansion and the
configuration of the dynamic memory allocation.

Rated operating voltage
230 V AC (Item No.026547.GB0), 12 V DC (Item No.026548.GB0)
Operating voltage range
230 V AC -15% +10% (Item No.026547.GB0), 10-15 V DC (Item No.026548.GB0)
Operating temperature range
- 5°C to +55 °C
Storage temperature range
-25°C to +70 °C
Environmental class VdS
2 readers with clock/data interface,
2 keypads with two wire interface
4 relay outputs (for example for a door opener, strobe lamp, etc.),
3 semiconductor outputs (for example threat, WatchDog, etc.)
4 digital inputs (for example for a door opening sensor, monitoring contact, etc.),
8 different detector groups(such as:magnetic contact,glass breakage sensor,etc.)
Integrated tamper detection
gray-white (similar to RAL 9002)
Steel paneling
Dimensions (W x H x D)
250 x 210 x 100 mm
Further information see product group catalogue.
Technical specifications
Application examples for the ACS-2 plus
Ordering information
Item No.
ACS-2 plus,230 V AC,incl.power supply/charger
026548.GB0 ACS-2 plus,12 V DC,same as 230 V DC version,except without power supply/charger
RS-232 interface
RS-485 interface
Ethernet interface 10/100 MBits/sec.
Current loop interface
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