Access Control
The ACS-8 is an access control system which is modular
in construction and highly autonomous.
A particularly noteworthy performance feature is the flex-
ible and freely-selectable installation technology.This
enables conventional connection of up to two separate
doors or one door with an internal and external reader.
An expansion option of up to max.8 doors exists via the
communication module utilising core-conserving RS-485
bus technology.
Standard features include two controllable RS-485 inter-
face drivers integrated in the communication module.
The firmware is completely upgradable.Time-consuming
EPROM changing during function expansion is thus
a thing of the past.New program components and
expansions can be imported in the central control units
via the access control software (e.g.MultiAccess for
Windowsor IQ MultiAccess).
Up to 8 ACS-8 units can be operated via an external
interface converter, up to 32 units via an external bus con-
troller.Access control rights are set up and administered
via the access control software(e.g.MultiAccess for Wind-
ows or IQ MultiAccess).
The ACS-8 contains decision rights for door release and
Terminals can be integrated directly in existing ethernet
networks (LANs) through selective configuration with an
ethernet card (026840.29).
A maximum expansion of 999 doors per location can be
achieved through the utilisation of several bus controllers
and/or in the ethernet network.
•Intelligent access control terminal up to 4 doors
(4 doors strikes,2 readers/keypads directly con-
nectable,2 futher readers/keypads via RS-485
module bus,expandable up to max.8 doors via
RS-485 module bus)
•Upgradable program memory
and dynamic memory administration
•Battery-buffered memory
(0.5 MB,expandable up to 3.5 MB)
•Approx.max.65 500 identification cards*
•Approx.max.512 room/time zones*
•National holiday and leave calendar
•Booking buffer for max.65000 events*
•Clock with date and automatic
daylight saving time/normal time changeover
•BSI-listing (including all components
connectable to the ACS-8)
•VdS approval
Performance features at a glance
Connection of:
•2 readers with clock/data interface and 2 keypads
with 2-wire interface possible
•4 relay outputs (e.g.:door strike,flash lamp,etc.)
•3 semiconductor outputs
•User-friendly and flexible event control
via inputs and relays
•Macro-control (IACP control,lift control,etc.)
•Anti passpack,barring repeated entry,threat code,
counter control
•Lock function with reciprocal door state influence
* Values depend on the memory configuration and
parameterising of dynamic memory administration.

ACS-8 planning example

ACS-8 planning example

ACS-8 planning example