Control Unit
for the Blocking element SLIM LOCK
The control unit for the SLIM LOCK blocking
element makes it possible to use the smallest blocking
element available on the market anywhere as a standa-
lone unit.
The SLIM LOCK blocking element is already frequently
used in conjunction with the IK-3 evaluation unit.The
new control unit extends the range of use to new areas
of application.
Beside the typical use in intrusion detection systems, a
variety of locking tasks can be handled.Cabinets, dis-
play cases, windows and other objects can be electro-
nically locked and protected against unauthorized
In order to satisfy a wide range of requirements, the con-
trol unit offers great flexibility in settings for operating vol-
tage, control options and programmable outputs.
• VdS Class C approval
• Wide range for operating voltage
(8 V to 30 V DC)
• Control via static,dynamic,high or low
active signals
• Control via switches or buttons (toggle mode)
also possible
• Bolt position monitoring
• Alarm outputs for:
- bolt end position “closed”
- bolt end position “open”
- Malfunction
• Output signal options:
- HIGH or LOW active
- continuous signal or 1 sec.pulse

Ordering information
Rated operating voltage U_b
12 to 24 V DC
Operating voltage range
8 to 30 V DC
Continuous current consumption:
- Outputs programmed for pulse mode
<1 mA
- Outputs programmed for continuous signal
<2 mA
- Current during control of the SLIM LOCK
typically 200 mA (for approx.500 ms)
Current carrying capacity of the outputs
max.20 mA
Control signals
static or pulse >200 ms
Input voltage range
up to 30 V DC
Programming options:
- Inputs
LOW active, HIGH active or toggle mode
- Outputs
LOW active or HIGH active, continuous signal or1sec.pulse
Protection class DIN 40 050
Environmental class VdS
Operating temperature range
–5 to +45 °C
Storage temperature range
-25 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D)
85 x 109 x 30 mm
gray-white (similar to RAL 9002)
Additional specifications and information on the Blocking element SLIM LOCK can be found in the product line catalog.
Technical specifications
Item No.Designation
Conventional Control Unit for SLIM LOCK,Surface-mounted Version
VdS Class C approval G105132
SLIM LOCK blocking element
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