Your One-Stop Platform
for Security Integration

Honeywell has incorporated our rich knowledge and trusted
experience of security and surveillance systems into a powerful
and dynamic video management solution that bridges the gap
between analog and digital video systems.

Introducing MAXPRO
®VMS –
A Whole New Way to Manage Video Security
Honeywell’s MAXPRO
®VMS (Video Management System) controls multiple sources of
video subsystems to enhance your video surveillance experience with maximum efficiency
and minimum effort. With MAXPRO VMS, you’ll discover an intelligent management
solution that leverages your existing video infrastructure to collect, manage and present
video in a clear and concise manner.
Integration has never been so easy
MAXPRO VMS redefines video security with a framework that integrates to our proven
®security management system. This framework provides a quick way to
develop the connection of plug-ins to video and security subsystems, as opposed to
bolt-on components. This provides complete control of user provisioning, physical
monitors, salvos, and video panels based upon alarm/event actions from Pro-Watch.
And just as easy as it is to integrate with Pro-Watch, MAXPRO VMS rapidly interfaces to
video subsystems such as NVRs, DVRs and analog switchers, enabling you to mix and
match applications within your existing surveillance platform. It’s dynamic technology that
offers a whole new way for managing video security.

IP Encoders
IP Encoders
Cards and Readers
IP and Serial
DC 12V
Maximize Your Investment
Whether you’re working with network-based
cameras and recorders or advanced video analytics,
the top box architecture of MAXPRO VMS seamlessly
integrates your traditional analog components with
the latest digital and IP video systems to form a
single comprehensive surveillance network.
• Integrates with Pro-Watch to enable
superior access control with a wide range
of video capabilities
• Redundant server configuration increases
system reliability
• Operator messaging feature enables data
sharing of incidents among operators
• Auto-discovery of cameras connected to
Rapid Eye, Fusion and Enterprise recorders
• User-defined macros to execute common
Designed for Maximum Flexibility
The scalable architecture of MAXPRO VMS enables you to modify your video surveillance network easily when needed.
You can downsize the video surveillance network to a single client workstation and server configuration, or you can
expand the system to include multiple client workstations and servers.
MAXPRO VMS is based on client-server architecture for maximum flexibility, customization and integration.
The MAXPRO VMS client enables the monitoring of sites and the configuration of video devices such as cameras,
monitors, keyboards, etc. The server consists of the MAXPRO VMS framework controller and database, and
other core components.

Seamless integration with analog and digital video
devices from Honeywell and other third parties:
Analog Devices
•MAXPRO-Net switchers
•VideoBloX switchers
•Pelco switchers
Digital Devices
•Rapid Eye™DVR
•Enterprise NVR
•Fusion DVR
•Pelco DVR
Rapid Eye DVR
EQUIP Series
IP Cameras
IDM Server
Pro-Watch Server CE
IP Access Control Panels
Fusion DVR
Analytics Server
IP Engine Database Server
IP Engine Camera Server
IP Engine Camera Server
Enterprise NVR
IP Encoders 8 Channel

You can customize MAXPRO VMS to integrate with any number of video devices for any industry around
the globe. The MAXPRO VMS platform offers a single command and control interface to efficiently operate
various products from an expansive list of video equipment from Honeywell and other third parties.
MAXPRO VMS intelligently determines the capabilities of each subsystem across various sites, allowing
management of any analog or digital video device through a unified configuration and viewer. The subsystems
can be any combination of analog switchers connected to analog monitors and cameras, digital monitors,
enterprise network video recorders and digital video recorders. And they can all be managed with virtual
switchers, multiplexers and monitors for viewing and recording images from the latest IP cameras.
MAXPRO VMS Reaches New Heights in Your Market
Easy Installation
Install all subsystems easily
using the single
installation software package.
of Rapid Eye, Fusion and
enterprise recorders.
Exceptional system intelligence
adapts to capabilities of diversified subsystems.
User-friendly Operation
User-friendly interface
provides outstanding usability
that enables configuration and control of various
devices from a single point and viewing from a single
operator console.
Group frequently used components
such as
cameras, recorders, and other components into
a unique My Devices list for each operator.
Role-based operator privileges
make it simple
to perform various tasks.
User-defined macros
enable effortless setup and make
it easy to execute commonly performed operations.
Multi-language support
allows operators to log on
using their local language.
Fingertip Command and Control
Powerful operator messaging
lets you share incidents
among your operators. An operator investigating a
scene sends the salvo to the administrator or another
operator. With a simple drag and drop, the receiver
views the incident exactly as it appears in the sender’s
console. This reduces investigation time and increases
operator productivity.
Navigate an entire span of video recordings
multiple sources across a diverse set of recorders using
state-of-the-art timeline control. Advanced video features
such as frame-by-frame analysis, bookmarking, loops
and digitally-signed clip export put you in control of
monitoring your surroundings.
Our patent-pending Video Surround technology
lets you control camera views from a single operator
console – enabling you to drag and drop a video
source from multiple cameras for simultaneous physical
and virtual viewing.
Integrated hybrid system
enables seamless control
and operation of analog video from digital devices and
control of digital monitors from an analog keyboard.
It also offers one-click migration support from analog
matrix systems.
Open Architecture Gives You Scalability and Control

Expanded Functionality
MAXPRO VMS makes video pursuit possible
simplifying the process of motion detection using
a set of surrounding cameras.
Advanced alarm management
lets you view video
captured before, during, and after every alarm,
and you can also view live video from the camera
which recorded the alarm.
Capture and export clips
from multiple NVRs,
DVRs and cameras.
Zoom digital video
from PTZ and fixed cameras.
Seamless Integration
MAXPRO VMS provides world-class integration
enterprise-wide access control and alarm intrusion
systems, thereby further maximizing the value proposition
of the system to you. It also integrates with Active Alert
intelligent video analytics to prevent missed detection
and false alarms.
Integration with Honeywell’s Pro-Watch
management system enables superior access control
with a wide range of video capabilities.
Integration with Honeywell’s Enterprise NVR and
IP Engine
offers a truly scalable architecture that can
support multiple cameras and camera servers.
Contact us today for more information on how MAXPRO VMS can help you
streamline your video security and make your operations more efficient.
Visit or call 1-800-796.2288.

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