Next Generation Data Monitoring Solution
Integrated Data Manager

Controlling Internal Shrinkage Has Never Been this Simple!
IDM is a true enterprise solution for applications that require video and data analysis
of hundreds of Point-of-Sales terminals and camera systems across multiple locations
via LAN/WAN or DSL. The simple, intuitive user interface allows access to real-time data.
IDM is a powerful, yet cost effective tool for reducing internal shrinkage, enhancing
employee productivity and improving customer service.
IDM (Integrated Data Manager) is a next generation data monitoring plus data-mining software that enables seamless integration
of data with corresponding video from compatible Honeywell digital video recorders. Built around the latest Microsoft
technology that allows quick integration of Point-of-Sale systems with Honeywell DVRs, IDM significantly enhances an organization’s
ability to pinpoint suspicious activity and make critical decisions.
Intelligent Integration of
Digital Video Surveillance and Data
• Seamlessly integrates intelligent
data mining with digital video
• Eliminates hardware installation
costs and technical support
costs associated with
complicated protocol
translators and POS interfaces
• Easily setup and manage system
with user friendly interface
• Significantly reduces internal
shrinkage caused by cashier
under-rings, voids, sweet-hearting
and cash stolen from registers
• Increases checkout efficiency and
enhances employee productivity
• Allows better management
of inventories and tracking
of shipments

Data Monitoring Solutions for Multiple Markets
Retail Solutions
Industry analysts estimate that more than
1.5% of retailers' sales – over $31 billion
per year – are lost to shrinkage and
nearly half of this is due to employee
theft. A loss prevention program that
utilizes an integrated POS monitoring
solution like IDM can significantly
minimize losses due to employee theft
and deter future incidences.
• Improved profitability through
reduced shrinkage
• Top-line growth through increased
productivity and enhanced
customer service
• Tighter control over inventory losses
Financial Solutions
In an industry exposed to both market
and operational risks, financial institutions
lose billions of dollars every year to
external theft and internal fraud.
Honeywell's data management solutions
allow real-time monitoring of data with
video from ATMs and teller terminals,
providing proactive notification of
fraudulent activity along with an
indisputable trail of evidence.
• Centrally manage and access critical
data with corresponding video
• Pinpoint fraudulent activity and
prevent theft and robbery
• Real-time video allows efficient
resolution of customer disputes
and claims
Gaming Solutions
An estimated 50% of casino losses
may be attributed to internal theft and
collusion between casino employees and
outsiders. In 2001, more than 36% of all
people arrested for casino crimes were
employees. Honeywell's data management
solutions integrate video surveillance with
data from Point-of-Sale, slot machines
and cash counters—protecting casino
operators against employee misconduct,
customer cheating and internal loss.
• Enterprise level solution for improved
security management of multiple areas
• Flexible reporting and instant alert
notification enables operators to make
critical, timely decisions
• Enhanced bottom line through
proactive loss prevention
Instant Proof, Instant ROI
IDM provides instant access to critical information, allowing key personnel to make
timely decisions and proactively prevent internal shrinkage while enhancing customer
service and increasing employee productivity. IDM is a true enterprise solution allowing
transaction monitoring for large-scale applications with hundreds of Point-of-Sale
devices across multiple locations or small-scale, single applications. With Honeywell’s
IDM, you get instant proof and instant return on investment from a partner you can trust.

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