The system light barrier provides varied application
possibilities both indoors and outdoors.
Application-specific light curtains can be realized using
different sizes and swivel lenses.
For outdoor applications are versions with integrated
heater available (IRS-509-O).The heater prevents con-
densation on the glass pane and light barrier lens.
The infrared light barrier operates with modulated in-
frared signals.This type of transmission technology
ensures an extremely high interference immunity so that
even a false alarm signal due to sunlight is impossible.
Increased security against tamper and other infrared
external signals are achieved by signal shape monito-
ring with automatic amplification and digital threshold
Fields of application:
- Large shop windows
- Museums, exhibitions
- Fences, gates, passageways
- Shop windows, inside and outside
- Cellar windows, skylights, roof windows
- Balconies, conservatories, greenhouses
- Light shafts, air conditioning and ventilation shafts
- Escalators, staircases
- EDP rooms, monitoring of raised double floors
- Monitoring of barriers and height
- Control and monitoring of single entry access portals
- Unit surveillance, production lines
ideo t
- Actuation of digital video recorders
- Actuation of crossbars
VdS-Approval (IRS-509-VdS)
VdS Class C
Time-saving and simple one-man adjustment
High tamper security
Digital threshold control DTC
Uninterrupted automatic synchronization
Automatic gain control AGC
Performance features
Insensitive to changes in temperature
Insensitive to sunlight and artificial light
Multi-channel version
Integrated heater (IRS-509-O)
Timeless,elegant design
Elegant inconspicuous mounting
IRS-509-VdS / IRS-509-O
Infrared Light Barrier

Rated operating voltage
12 V DC
Rated operating voltage range
9 to 35V DC or 9 to 25 V AC/ 50 Hz
Current consumption at 12V DC
Type 20 mA / max.25 mA per transmitter/pair of receivers
Indoor application:99 m
Outdoor application:72 m
Max.35 V DC or 25 V ACfor:
- Armed/disarmed
- Walk test
- Alarm memory
Alarm output relay (norm.closed contact, max.60 V / 0.2 A DC / AC)
Tamper contact (norm.closed contact, max.60 V / 0.2 A DC / AC)
Signal (technical) - (open collector max.50 mA/12 V DC)
in case of tamper infrared, fault infrared
Undervoltage, process fault
Operating temperature range
+10 C to +75 C for indoor application
-30 C to +75 C for outdoor application or condensation on covering
glass panel only with integrated heater possible
(Type 509 - O integrated heater included in scope of delivery)
Protection class as per DIN 40 050
IP 54
Environmental class as per VdS
Dimensions (L x W x D)
Single beam device:220 x 40 x 40 mm
Profiled housing:40 x 40 mm
Single beam device:Approx.0.5 kg
Oxide-coated, black, other RAL colours on request
Further data see product group catalogue
Technical data
Ordering data
Item no.
IRS - 509 - VdS light barrier,indoors,22 cm height,1 beam
IRS - 509 - VdS light barrier,indoors,100 cm height,3 beams
IRS - 509 - VdS light barrier,indoors,150 cm height,5 beams
IRS - 509 - VdS light barrier,indoors,200 cm height,8 beams
IRS - 509 - O light barrier,outdoors,22 cm height,1 beam
IRS - 509 - O light barrier,outdoors,100 cm height,3 beams
IRS - 509 - O light barrier,outdoors,150 cm height,4 beams
IRS - 509 - O light barrier,outdoors,200 cm height,6 beams
approval:G100029 (IRS-509-VdS),Class C
Item no.
Adjusting device with LED and adapter cable
Black square profiled housing for embedding in concrete
Black square profiled housing with plate
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