Capabilities Overview
Intelligent Video Analytics for:
The Warehousing and Distribution Centers Market
Honeywell’s new intelligent video analytics software
enables enhanced security and surveillance solutions by
automatically monitoring video of people, vehicles and
objects, and their associated behaviors, within a camera’s
view. Honeywell’s intelligent video analytics software
monitors up to 20 objects with more than 35 specific
behaviors and events. Intelligent video analytics
continues to automate monitoring tasks for high risk sites
will ensure a higher level of security and efficiency by
working 24/7, providing accurate and reliable continuous
monitoring, scaling to a large number of cameras, and
catching events that human operators may overlook.
Common commercial applications of intelligent video analytics in warehouses and distribution
centers include shrink management, facility optimization, safety and freight flow management.
Applications: Warehousing and Distribution Security
Detect people loitering or meeting based on duration, time, and other factors.
Detect events and behaviors that precede theft.
Warehouse/cargo theft – Detect activity of people and vehicles at loading docks and in
warehouses. Real-time alarms established for employees exiting from unauthorized
doors; detection of cars or trucks parked in violation of established rules; monitoring
inappropriate traffic flow in warehouses; tracking employees leaving and going to their cars,
meeting with accomplices, collaborating with forklift drivers and tractor trailer drivers, etc.
Restricted zone detection – Detection of entry or exit of people or vehicles from
“protected zones” including high value targets such as pallet storage on warehouse floors
and trespass alarms at storeroom entry points.
Detection of people or vehicles “casing” a facility by slowing, stopping or making U-turns.
Detecting and alarming of undesired direction of motion of people, forklifts, or vehicles.
People exiting via an entrance door.
Management and Optimization: Warehouses/Distribution Centers
People counting:
Measures people flow to determine high traffic and low traffic areas by facility,
floor and/or building sector with real-time or periodic reporting for facility
Vehicle counting:
Detect and count freight yard vehicle flow to maximize vehicle throughput. Every
specified object is counted and time stamped.
Alarm conditions can be established based on time, location, or other rules.
Restricted areas:
Detect people standing or loitering in restricted areas; vehicles parking in
handicapped zones or fire lanes exceeding a specified time period.
Intelligent Video Analytics: Warehousing and Distribution Centers
September 2007

Perimeter Protection and Traffic Flow Surveillance: Freight Yards
Quickly establish
virtual perimeters
– Real-time alarms established for virtual fences or
“trespass lines” on gates or sectors where fencing is impractical, or to establish early-
warning boundaries outside of fences.
Restricted zone protection – Easily implement detection of entry or exit of people or
vehicles from protected zones including high value targets such as parked and loaded
trailers, parked tractors, employee vehicles, or outdoor goods storage.
Establish rules for detecting, tracking, and alarming of inappropriate direction of travel,
stopping in unauthorized zones exceeding specified periods, vehicle loitering, speeding,
or parking at unauthorized loading docks.
Detecting, tracking and alarming of people running, moving in undesired directions,
falling down, crawling, loitering, meeting with accomplices, entering restricted areas
against established rules based on time, location, direction of travel, speed, etc.
Protection of access to railroad sidings and parked freight cars with behaviors that you
specify as inappropriate.
Success Story
The Problem
A large food processing and warehousing facility in Texas asked us to solve some key
1. Theft: Theft of high value items from the warehouse.
2. Waiting: Trucks forced to wait for access to delivery bays caused overtime charges
associated with shipping and receiving.
3. Liability: Increased insurance premiums due to past accidents and damages from
trucks going the wrong way in a facility.
The Solution
Active Alert
® was deployed at the scene using analytics to track movement of high value goods,
personnel inside the warehouse, and trucks entering and moving through the facility.
The Results
Within one month, several trends were identified and operational changes were made:
1. Theft: Restricted and directional zones were set up near high value areas and all exits.
One source of theft was determined to be single pallets exiting the facility in pickup
trucks after normal delivery hours. By setting alarms to detect pallets being removed
from delivery bays, the trend was quickly identified and the thieves were caught.
2. Waiting: Cameras were set up at direction choice points for the truck drivers. The
warehouse manager discovered that most trucks traveled the same path even though it
wasn’t the shortest way to the delivery bays because there was insufficient signage to
guide drivers to drop-off points. Thirty days after warehouse management had installed
new directional signage, monthly waiting time and overtime charges were reduced by
more than 40 percent.
3. Liability: Directional zones were set to catch drivers taking short-cuts the wrong way to exit the
facility. The company informed the drivers that violators would be fined, and within the first two
months a number of drivers incurred fines. Over a period of nine months, however, the number
of violators dropped by 80 percent. Eighteen months later, the company was able to lower its
Intelligent Video Analytics: Warehousing and Distribution Centers
September 2007

insurance premiums again: the result of no injuries during the period and the capability to
document the tracking and fining system.
Overview of Advantages
Increases levels of security, improves staff productivity and efficiency with reduced
manpower costs for monitoring.
Multiple applications: security enhancement, visitor management, visitor processing,
productivity enhancement, facility optimization, safety enhancement.
Detecting, tracking, and recording of event meta-data for every entry and exit from a
scene, for later forensic analysis of newly-defined events or behaviors not originally
believed to be of interest.
Powerful search tools that permit user-definable, event-specific behavior retrieval in
seconds, even in very large systems.
Ability to play back and analyze archived video and apply a variety of rules to
discover events and relationships formerly of no interest.
Compare and evaluate traffic flow patterns between different facility
locations/layouts over the same time period.
Review personnel and visitor movements related to undesired events or
behaviors to identify meetings with accomplices.
Discrimination between objects of interest and environmental backgrounds.
Ignores tree motion, rain, snow, birds, or animals.
Accommodates widely ranging lighting conditions, including strong shadows and
high contrast scenes.
High performance analytics algorithms enable real-time tracking of up to 20 objects and
more than 35 events.
Easy deployment and intuitive setup of the object and event rules for each video
channel; different analytics rules for different periods of the day as needs change.
Deployable for both analog and digital video systems.
Not only is video analytics an outstanding advancement in perimeter protection and loss
prevention for warehouses and distribution centers, it is also increasing in its importance and
demand for use in other markets as well. Instead of having operators monitor multiple cameras,
video analytics identifies behaviors of interest and immediately alerts the security operator to
suspicious activity. Ultimately, this allows security operators to focus their attention on the most
important activities and monitor the highest potential for risk, and enables them to make better
decisions and react faster to events.
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Intelligent Video Analytics: Warehousing and Distribution Centers
September 2007

Intelligent Video Analytics: Warehousing and Distribution Centers
September 2007
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