Rapid Eye™ Report
Forensic evidence when you need it most
Generates Recurring Monthly Revenue
• Packaged reports enable you to deliver
value-added services that your customers
are willing to pay for
• Identifies billable service calls
Controls Labor Costs – Increases
• Automates the extremely time-consuming
process of manually checking to ensure all
cameras and DVRs are functioning properly
• Reduces nonbillable service calls
Enhances Customer Loyalty and
• End users paying for managed services are
significantly less likely to switch dealers
Efficiency - Focus Resources
• Frees resources from manual tasks to work
on other revenue-generating activities
• Automation leads to the ability to support
more customers' activities
Your customers are only interested in their video surveillance systems after
an event occurs – theft, fraud, workplace violence, litigation and employees
breaking policy. If the health of your video surveillance system has not been
checked, you might not be aware that your DVR has stopped recording or
cameras have been moved, are out of focus, blocked or even stopped
sending an image. Don't put yourself in a situation where your customer
says “I paid you for this system and now I need the data, but you're telling
me the video is no good. What do I need you for?”
Rapid Eye™ Report automates the health check process of a surveillance system
to provide a vital value-added billable service for your customers. Rapid Eye
Report proactively helps you to identify DVR failure, camera failure, camera
sabotage, out of focus cameras, blocked field of views and cameras where the
field of view has been changed. Rapid Eye Report ensures your customers will
have usable video when they need it most.
Happy customers and recurring monthly revenue:
Dealer Benefits:
Out of focus
Moved field of view
Blocked field of view
Power loss
Do not let this happen to your customers

August 2009
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Generate Recurring Monthly Revenue through Managed Services
Report Description
Billable - Managed Services
Action Reports
Reports on surveillance system health and onsite
activity – Delivers snapshots of live or recorded views to
ensure surveillance equipment is functioning properly
and employees are performing assigned tasks
System Health Check
• Site connectivity
• DVR functioning
• Camera power loss
• Camera failure
• Camera out of focus - blurred
• Camera field of view changed
• Camera blocked field of view
• Camera sabotage
Employee Activity/Customer Queues/Marketing
Displays, End Caps and Campaigns
• Stills during opening
• Stills during closing
• Stills during key hours of a shift
• Stills from specific cameras - work areas
Device Reports
Reports on devices – Provides information such as
location details, contact details, connection details,
equipment details, DVR firmware version, number of
POS registers, number of cameras and types of
Surveillance Equipment Asset Reporting
Firmware Maintenance/System Updates and Upgrades
Event Reports
Reports on events – Provides event details such as the
type of event, date and time of the event, and the
sensor or device that activated the event
Workplace Policy Enforcement/Exceptions Reporting
• Safe opening and closing
• Door opening and closing
• Set up permissions for Rapid Eye Report users; create administrator and operator accounts
• Establish custom privileges or duplicate an existing user's privileges
• Create sites and associate contacts
• Generate reports in real time, run in batch mode or schedule for specific dates and times
• Schedule reports to run daily, weekly, monthly or on a user-defined frequency
• Print reports, send reports via e-mail or save reports to the network
• Flag abnormalities, exceptions and irregularities
• Issue service tickets directly from the report viewer
• Automatically download or schedule firmware updates to DVRs
Software Features:
Rapid Eye™ Report