System WSW - Reversible key
profile W10
Factory-keyed profile
Mechanical locking cylinders
New profiles for individual lockings
Product description
11 (6+5) spring-loaded pin tumblers = protection
against unauthorised opening
Key profile on both sides with undercut and shaft
coding. Scanning with five additional
spring-loaded shaft scanning pins (finger pins) =
unlocking security
Protected key profile with security card = Key
Certification and marking in compliance with VdS
B as standard
Certification and marking in compliance with DIN
class 82 and RAL as standard
Drilling protection class 2 (AB=2)
Double-sided locking option (GE=BS) =
Emergency-key function
Modular system for quick and simple length
Key with handy, oval key head
Recommended by the police and insurance
IKON Premium-quality reversible key profile with 11 active
spring-loaded pin tumblers. Scanning the reversible key
system is carried out by 6 pin tumblers arranged centrally in
the locking cylinder as well as 5 finger pins arranged on the
sides in the locking cylinder core. The undercut within the key
profile ensures that an extremely complex key shape is
achieved which increases key duplication protection. The
requirement of key duplication protection and protection
against unauthorised unlocking is met to a high degree by the
W10 reversible key profile. The W10 profile offers DIN, VdS
and RAL certification in its standard version and has a
modular structure for quick and simple length adjustment.
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in door opening solutions