Technical terms –
IKON door closers
System solutions are in demand
For each door, for each situation within the en-
tire building. Everyone involved in the planning
and decision making process benefts from true
system solutions. Hence the reason why IKON,
well known for its premium quality locks, archi-
tectural hardware, locking cylinders and locking
systems - has extended its product portfolio to
include a sophisticated range of door closers.
IKON now offers an entire concept of solutions
covering all aspects of the door featuring the
traditional premium IKON product quality with
security and maximum fexibility without com-
Regardless whether door closers are used in the
private, commercial or public sector: you are on
the safe side with IKON. After all, our door closer
systems meet national and international require-
ments. The products represent the research and
development of the entire ASSA ABLOY Group
and are used worldwide.
Beneficial for all parties concerned
Adaptable systems reduce the planning and
procurement effort tremendously. Hence the
reason why IKON door closer systems have been
designed to suit either the hinge or the opposite
side of the door. All conceivable structural
conditions can thus be equipped with one type
of door closer. Even short term changes become
irrelevant. This is what makes IKON door closers
so practical and enables reliable and practice-
based planning.
Uniform visual aspects have style
Uniformly consistent creative concepts come
across as distinctly gracious. They express a parti-
cularly thought through appearance and bestow
style upon rooms and buildings alike.
To achieve these uniform aesthetics even in
large buildings IKON door closers offer a choice
of varying performance features with uniform
visuals. Covers for IKON door closers are available
in all RAL colours.

Technical terms –
IKON door closers
easily adjusted to compensate for
door movement
Daily wear and tear, fuctuations in temperature
and humidity are all contributing factors to alter
the door slightly over a period of time. The hinge
wears out, the door ‘settles’ and the closing cha-
racteristics deteriorate. With IKON door closers
help is at hand – effortlessly and conveniently
even years after the door has been installed.
IKON door closers can accommodate a height
adjustment of up to 14mm. The arm height is
adjusted easily and quickly by means of a self-
tapping screw to optimise the closing movement
in no time at all.
Sophisticated combinations
IKON door closers are based on a modular
design, enabling concise planning. The only
deciding factor for choosing door closer series
T243 to T250 is the required performance since
all models have the same appearance. Installa-
tion preparation is simplifed as well. The basic
component is the door closer body which is
combined with specifc accessories.
The combination options are plentiful. The
choice of standard arm, hold-open arm or sliding
rail is determined by site conditions. This modu-
lar concept makes IKON door closers so fexible,
versatile and economical.
coming and going
Flexibly and comfortably
Convenience and building regulations do not
have to represent contradiction. Many doors
should or must close securely after someone
has passed through. The passage itself must not
be hampered but the door should not be open
longer than strictly necessary or remain open.
The T250 IKON door closer series renders both
possible. Even heavy doors can be opened easily
due to the decreasing opposing pressure of the
door closer – the closing force is retained even
when the door is only slightly open. The result is
a very comfortable passage. An integrated cam
shaft facilitates entry even at a narrow opening
angle. This is what we call
»cam Motion«
The models T243, T247 and T250 are supplied
with standard backcheck, preventing damages.
Heavily frequented doors can be passed through
easily and conveniently with IKON door closers – in
schools, hospitals, care homes, public buildings,
offces …
Opening forces compared
easy opening with »Cam-Motion«.
Come inside with no effort ...
conventional door closer
IKON door closer T250
with »cam-Motion«
opening angle
Opening force

Technical terms –
IKON door closers
Fit for any emergency
Fire and smoke-rated doors have to be equipped
with door closers meeting EN1154, EN1155 and
EN1158 respectively. IKON provides approved
and certifed closer systems for single and double
fre and smoke-rated doors with varying specif-
cations and performance requirements.
IKON door closers function
even if exposed to extreme
fluctuations in temperature
-15°C and +45°C
Double-leaf doors may be fitted with 2 closers identical in
appearance but with varying functionality.