Escape door control terminal
Model 1385
A truly fexible design
ASSA ABLOY, the global leader
in door opening solutions
effeff Escape Route

Escape door control terminal
model 1385 –
new functions, new technology
Greater security and easy operation -
every requirement catered for
effeff‘s established quality standards guarantee the
terminal operates safely, but the Terminal 1385 offers
additional features which further improve safety in the
event of an emergency. Multi-tone sirens and an acou-
stic signal for the blind ensure that people are alerted
to danger. They also make sure the route to the escape
door can also be easily found by the visually impaired
or if there is thick smoke.
Our innovative LED lighting concept has proved its
worth and is also used in the 1385. With LED lighting,
the door status is also immediately clear to those suffe-
ring from colour blindness.
Setting up operation is also easier - confguration takes
place centrally and no longer needs to be carried out
via the sliding switch on each device. Basic confgurati-
on does not require a programming device.
To make installation more convenient, modules are
connected using ready-to-ft cables with pin-and-
socket connectors. This also ensures mistakes are not
made during installation.
Overview of product advantages:
• Modules of 1-3 switch boxes
• Integrated controls
• Different switch programmes available
• Integrated TS bus interface for building management
systems – can be used with visualisation and voice
• Additional safety features - multi-tone siren and
acoustic signal for the blind
• Easy operation
• Clear signals on LED strip
• Central confguration
• Easy installation
• A wide range of surveillance options
Modular design for greater fexibility
Whether it‘s a question of choosing the right switch
programme or deciding on an operational control, the
terminal 1385 offers users a high degree of fexibility.
These terminals feature an attractive, comprehensive
switch programme due to their problem-free integra-
tion into products by the electrical installation and
building systems manufacturer Jung und Gira.
Based on the 55 series system used by many switch
manufacturers, they can also be integrated in other
switch programmes.
When it comes to operational controls, planners and
ftters can choose between the standard key switch
model and operation with a keypad or a RFID module.
In this new terminal range, essential characteristics are
very much in the foreground. The control is already
integrated into the emergency switch, meaning the
basic model only requires a single installation box
when operated by an external device. The user can ft
up to three installation boxes as required.
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