Product Data Sheet
The new, economical dimension in fire
detection technology: compact, flexible,
The 8000 C fire alarm panel meets the highest safety requirements for
comprehensive fire detection. It makes use of proven and trusted techno-
logy packaged in a completely innovative modular housing concept. Its com-
pact size, wide range of functions and extension options, together with its
attractive price/performance ratio, make the 8000 C an all-round talent
when it comes to fire detection for small to medium-sized premises.
The 8000 C has full system compatibility with the fire alarm system 8000
and IQ8Control, but is limited to a maximum of two loops in stand-alone
The modular design of the housing enables fast integration of several indi-
vidual modules to form a single unit. The system configuration and emer-
gency power supply can be easily adapted to higher requirements by
adding one or more modules.
The compact ABS plastic housing is glass fibre-reinforced and conforms to
flammability class V 0. It fulfils all EMC requirements.
•Modular configuration
•Up to 31 panels of the fire alarm systems can
be networked through essernet®
•High flexibility with regard to every location requirement
•Full system compatibility with all fire alarm panels
of the fire alarm system 8000 and IQ8Control
•With powered loop alarm devices become integrated,
addressable users, which are supplied with electrical
power from the loop planning and application flexibility
•Error check on module level, automatic status analysis,
remote diagnosis on PC
8000 C
fire alarm panel
Professional loop technology
- economic sense even for small
The 8000 C fire alarm panel meets the highest safety requi-
rements for comprehensive fire detection. It makes use of
proven and trusted technology packaged in a completely
innovative modular housing concept. Its compact size,
wide range of functions and extension options, together
with its attractive price/performance ratio, make the
8000 C an all-round talent when it comes to fire detection
for small to medium-sized premises.
Every single-criterion and multiple-criteria conventional
and intelligent detector type can be connected to the
8000 C fire alarm panel through the esserbus®.
esserbus® transponder

Flexible and secure in the ring
The esserbus®permits ring and spur loops to be combined without extra
components. A maximum of 127 bus users can be assigned to up to 127
detector zones. If a wire break occurs, all loop devices remain alert and
functioning. Each bus device can be optionally fitted with isolator circuit
boards so that no component is lost if a short circuit occurs. Only the ele-
ment between the two affected bus users is automatically isolated.
The esserbus®transponders are bus devices with freely programmable inputs
and outputs for control and monitoring of external equipment or for con-
necting conventional or special detectors.
The sensors of intelligent multisensor detectors in the esserbus®can be
switched on and off manually or by a timer. The esserbus®transmits not
only detector alarm signals but also detector maintenance instruction and
warning signals. In addition, the location of each detector on the bus can
be accurately assigned with a convenient text display.
The 8000 C fire alarm panel automatically recognises the loop wiring and
assigns the logical addresses to all bus devices. There is no need for sepa-
rate address settings on the bus user itself.
Powered Loop
1. Loop
Powered Loop
2. Loop
Powered loop
Powered loop
Indicating and operating panel
Modular design for upgrading
The hardware of the 8000 C fire alarm panel permits the
connection and control of up to two micro-modules and
the same number of loops. This means that the individal
system configuration for every application can be imple-
mented quickly.
Optional variety of panel front
options: the best solution for
operator and fire service
The wide range of operating panel fronts ensures the
right solution for any demand the operator or fire service
may have and provides the perfect link between man and
The operating panels for the 8000 C fire alarm panel
(with display) are available in all common languages. The
text is shown on the standard display and on the 1/4 VGA
graphics display in the appropriate language.
Simple installation and
Both installation and operation are typically simple. The
available SW tools and configuration aids ensure that the
8000 C can soon be put into operation. The configura-
tion data is transmitted directly to the processor by PC
All displays concentrate on essentials, thereby simplifying
operation, which can also be carried out decentrally in
the essernet®. Alarm and status information can be
optionally shown via single zone indicator units on the
panel or on the remote graphic annunciator panels, via
repeater displays in text form or printed on central or

User-friendly, cost-effective supply
The 8000 C fire alarm panel can also be ordered in different pre-configu-
red packages. Each package comprises an 8000 C fire alarm panel in its
housing plus the appropriate front and add-on modules. The packages are
supplied fully pre-assembled and tested.
This allows us to equip the 8000 C fire alarm panel with all the compo-
nents needed to provide maximum flexibility and individuality for all types
of premises and applications. The modular housing design allows all exter-
nal components to be incorporated in uniform housings.
It goes without saying that individual 8000 C housing modules can later
be incorporated into existing fire alarm panels in case of special applica-
tions or upgrade.
The extra power in powered loop
With the powered loop, Novar provides an addressable alarm device and
signal base addressable alarm devices and addressable signal bases for
fire detectors, which draw the power they need to signal the alarm
directly from the power loop 2-wire analog loop. There are no separate
power supply cables for alarm devices, no additional power supply units
or relay outputs, and none of the associated installation work.
The addressable alarm devices are approved to pr EN 54-3. They support
an acoustic warning signal in conformity with DIN 33404 - 3 and three
additional, programmable acoustic warning signals. They all include a loop
isolator and are therefore short circuit and open circuit resistant. This
means that the required E 30 retention of the functional integrity of alarm
device cables is unnecessary. Up to 2 powered loop analog loops can be
connected to the 8000 C fire alarm panel.
The 8000 C fire alarm panel is essernet®-compatible.
Up to 31 users - e.g. panels, display and control panels,
gateways and intelligent display terminals–can be inte-
grated non-hierarchically in a network in the esser-
net®. Alarms and events are accessible to all esser-
Safety unaffected by failure
If the central processor fails, the monitoring system ensures
that the fire alarm and alarm signals are forwarded to an
alternative unit. In this way the 8000 C fire alarm panel’s
detection facility is maintained over and above emergency
operation. In case of power failure, batteries ensure
that alarms remain unrestrictedlyfunctional for days.
external devices e.g.
transmission units
remote control units
max. line length 1 km
Light pipe converter
max. line length 1 km
esserbus® transponder

Mains voltage:
230 V AC
Mains frequency:
50 to 60 Hz
Rated voltage:
12 VDC
Quiescent current:
300mA without operating module
Rated current:
0.7 A
Emergency power supply:
12 V/2 x 12 Ah, 12 V/max. 2 x 24 Ah
Operating temperatur:
-5°C to + 45°C
Storage temperatur:
-10°C to + 50°C
Room climate:
Class 3K5 according IEC 721-3-3: 1994
Protection class:
I according DINEN60590
IP rating:
IP 30
ABS, 10% glass fibre-reinforced,. V-0
grey, similar to Pantone 538
6.5 kg
Dimension (W x H x D):
450 mm x 320 mm x 185 mm
VdS-approval G 299044
Order Information:
Part No.
Fire Alarm Panel 8000 C
Fire Alarm Panel 8000 C powered loop
Further information is provided in our fire alarm catalogue.
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Basic card,
power supply card
analog loop module
Dimensions (mm)
Structure of system design